13 10 2009

Hecuba & Priam

The Greeks have come. The Trojan Queen watches

the rumour become a line of ships, lowering


their sails. It begins: measured in years, each

minute marked in blood. Hekuba sees it all before


it happens. She’s brought up her children to honour

their family: so they will die, wrapped in shrouds,


one beside the other, all for glory, which is nothing

but a dead hand passed through a living body.


Who’ll remember any one of them? They’ll end up

the same, eventually, stretched out on a beach,


hacked and torn, wounds marking their chests in red:




The rowers ship their oars, jump into the water

and bring the boats to land. Hekuba closes the shutters,


stands with her back against them. She knows the way it goes:

war is that trick we practise on each other to see


who can last longest without taking a breath.

AUTHOR: Anne Simpson

POSTED BY: Charles Ryder on Le Blogué

*Bueno lectores, he aquí el 3er poema del set Uusal Devices de Anne Simpson. Dénles una leída, son bastante interesantes, y los títulos tienen mucho que ver con lo que dicen (sí, ya sé que los títulos son puros signos de ortografía, pero verán por qué). Tendrán que leerlos todos para disfrutarlos. No os caería mal un poco de cultura, eh… no se pierdan!





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